Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Storytelling Presentations

-Logistical planning
-Presentation and recording of stories

-Review your outline feedback
-Be prepared for a workshop day tomorrow

Friday, May 9, 2014

Presentation Review

-Outlines (hand in)
-In-Class Review of past speech

Reviewing Our Speeches

  1. Watch your speech from beginning to end to get a general idea of how it went
  2. Watch the video a second time and answer the following questions.  Your answers should be in complete sentences and very specific in order to help you for your next speeches.  (Besides, you will be sharing this for a grade.)
    • How did the speech go overall?
    • How was the volume of your voice?
    • How was the tone of your voice?
    • Did you use appropriate emphasis of certain words? (inflection, etc.)
    • Did you use gestures?  How much?  Did they distract or add to your presentation?
    • Did you establish the four components of ethos?  Which?  How? (You might need to check back in your notes for this one.)
    • What is one thing that you want to focus on changing/improving for your next speech? (Your main focus)
    • What is one thing that you want to focus on keeping the same/incorporating into your next speech that you did well here?
  3. **If you finished this in ten minutes or fewer, you need to go back and add more detail**