Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Peer Review Day

Ms. Hoffmann
Public Speaking
Spring Semester 2014

Speech of Introduction Peer Review

Questions to Answer (while listening to the speech):

  1. Before you answer any of these, prepare a timer to begin when your partner starts speaking.  
  2. What is the message (thesis) of your partner's introductory speech?  
  3. Does your partner exhibit goodwill and dynamism when he or she speaks?  (Point to examples. If you do not remember what goodwill or dynamism are, you will need to look back in your notes.)
  4. Does your partner avoid doing anything distracting while he or she is talking? (Think back to our sample videos.)

Questions to Answer (after the speech):
  1. Fill out your sample rubric for your partner.  Be as detailed as possible.  Include the exact amount of time that the speech took on the back of the rubric.  
  2. Does the speech flow as it currently is designed?  Does it follow one of the structures that we discussed in class?
  3. Is your partner able to give the speech with no more than a Key Note Outline for reference?
  4. Is there anything that needs to be clarified in the speech?  What exactly?
  5. What is one part of the speech that you really liked and would not change?