Thursday, March 17, 2016

For Friday: Journal Questions


You need your self-awareness inventory and the speech that the sub hands out to answer the following questions.  You need to hand your answers in by the end of class.

  1. Think back to the relaxation stations.  Pick one of them that you believe that you actually would use before a speech.  In a paragraph, explain which of these you picked and why you picked it.  How can you use it before a speech?
  2. Look at your self awareness inventory.  Pick two answers that you might use for a speech.  Expand each of the two into a paragraph (a total of two paragraphs) similar to those listed in the handout.  
  3. Read the speech "A Little Chocolate" and answer the following questions.
    1. How is the speech structured?
    2. What type of evidence is used?  (Refer to your notes, explain where in the text it is used.)
    3. Explain how the speech uses ethos, pathos, or logos and whether or not you believe that it is effective in its use of it.  Defend your answer.

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