Friday, May 13, 2016

Our Own Research


For our research speech, you need to find a total of three to four sources minimum on your topic.  One source must be from Google Scholar, and one source must be from Destiny's Webpath Express.  The others may be from books or a regular Google search.  However, anything from a regular Google Search needs a source evaluation completed to go along with it.

Sites to reference:
Setting up your Google Doc:

You may save resources to your Google account for Google Scholar or to your backpack on the Webpath site. However, I am asking you to create a Google Doc that keeps all of these links that you initially find in one place.  You probably will find far more sites now than you will use in the speech (the 3-4 sources).  This will help to organize them and to provide you with a single place to reference later for citations.  

Title: Your last name and the word sources

Headings in the document:
1. Links from Google Scholar
2. Links from Webpath
3. Web Links (with a paper evaluation to go with it)

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