Thursday, April 28, 2016

Supporting Your Ideas: Testimony

  • Types of testimony
  • Examples of testimony
  • Analysis: "An Oral History of the Integration of College Sports"
    • Find 3 examples of testimony and answer the following questions:
      • Quote your testimony
      • Which type is it?
      • Is it a direct quote or paraphrased?  Is the choice the author made between the two a good one?
      • Is the testimony cited in any way?  (Is there a name, a date, a publication, or other credentials listed?)
    • Find 1 example of a fact or stat and answer the following questions:
      • Is it general or specific?
      • What is its context of interpretation?
      • Does it follow the use guidelines? (Refer to the four Rs on your previous handout.)

  • Homework:
    • Project due tomorrow

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